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In Dermatology and Plastic Surgery


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is used alone or in combination with different methods in skin and hair treatments in order to provide especially soft tissue improvements in Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Dermatology, which is one of the medical branch where PRP is most intensively used.

As a principle of use; considering the local effectiveness of PRP, it is used regionally for the purpose of improving tissue quality and brightness, eliminating wrinkles by promoting collagen synthesis and skin elasticity, stimulative effect in medical-aesthetically described hair treatments (Alopecia) and its effect on stain treatments.

As it is often used in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, PRP combinations with different treatment methods such as fractional laser, microneedling, ozone, mesotherapy have been demonstrated to give positive results in skin rejuvenation by clinical results and scientific publications in the treatment of conditions such as cracks, acne and scar along with other applications that will trigger tissue healing.

Dermatolojide PRP Kullanımı