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In Orthopedics, PMR and Sports Medicine


PRP has become one of the most used methods in the treatment or preservation of cartilage tissue, muscle and connective tissues in joint disorders all over the world.

As for the most important purpose of use in this field; PRP improves pain relief, significantly reduces the need for drug injections, reduces surgical interventions and thus long-term bed resting practices, allow patients to continue their daily lives comfortably.

Ortopedi ve Spor Hekimliğinde PRP Kullanımı
Ortopedi ve Spor Hekimliğinde PRP Kullanımı

General Areas of Use in Orthopaedics:

- Osteoarthritis
- Rotator Cuff
- Tennis Elbow
- Tendinopathy (Cell level, chronic tendon damage)
- Improving ligament and connective tissue damage
- Positive effect of Fascia (plantar fasciitis), known as fibrosis-related tissue, and achilles tendon patients
- Positive effect on cartilage damage
- Positive effect on bone-related damage (BMSCs combinations)