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In Reproductive Methods


In women with primary ovarian failure, the effects on ovarian reserve and IVF outcomes were investigated with intraovarian PRP injection and positive results were obtained by studying ovarian failure with this method.

Reproductive age women (N=510; age range 30-45yo) diagnosed with POR based on Poseidon criteria were included in the study. PRP treatment resulted in higher AFC, higher serum AMH, lower serum FSH, and a higher number of mature oocytes and cleavage and blastocyst stage embryos. After PRP injection, 22 women (4.3%) conceived spontaneously, 14 (2.7%) were lost to follow up, and 474 (92.9%) attempted IVF. Among women who attempted IVF, 312 (65.8%) generated embryos and underwent embryo transfer, 83 (17.5%) achieved a pregnancy, and 54 (11.4%) achieved sustained implantation/live birth (SI/LB). In total, of the 510 women with POR and mean age of 40.3, PRP resulted in improvement of ovarian reserve parameters, a pregnancy rate of 20.5% and SI/LB rate of 12.9%.

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