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In Urology


PRP treatment in urology, which is associated with the “P-Shot” technique, is an innovative and promising method, especially in erectile dysfunction problems.

PRP treatment, which has started to be used frequently in the treatment of "Erectile Dysfunction" in recent years, can be effective alone and has given successful clinical results in combination with different treatment methods used in the same field. PRP is especially known to support micro-vascularization through VEGF growth factor release.

It has also been shown that PRP can bring significant benefits in the treatment of "Peyronie's disease" or by helping to restore loss of sensation and function that occurs after the removal of the prostate gland.

General Areas of Use of PRP in Urology

- P-Shot
- Treatment of erectile dysfunction
- Treatment of chronic prostatitis
- It is the treatment of chronic interstitial cystitis diseases.

Ürolojide PRP Kullanımı